Re-engineering production processes

The engineering department supports our high quality product offering by creating increasingly efficient production equipment. In 2011, we inaugurated a new engineering plant in Jiangyin (Jiangsu province, China) which had outgrown its existing premises.

Optimizing production processes is a continuous improvement project. Bekaert's engineering activities are thus organized on a global scale, not only in the design phase, but also for assembly as well as for spare parts management and maintenance. We have installed a worldwide remote monitoring process on all our equipment that allows for automatic software updates, data collection and interpretation and remote assistance. Continuous improvement also means evolving towards intelligent machines that follow up the critical parameters to quality (CTQs) and allow for predictive maintenance in the function of product quality.
Using the technique of modeling also facilitates the design, development and optimization of our equipment.

One of the elements that differentiate Bekaert from the competition is the fact that we have our own engineering department on a global level that designs and develops total plant layouts and production lines.

Integrating green from concept to maintenance

Growing concern for the environment has an increasingly larger influence on our business and on our innovation strategy. Optimizing products and processes to meet tomorrow’s needs undoubtedly means making them greener & cleaner. The need for more sustainable solutions in energy and materials consumption is a major force in the innovation-driven culture at Bekaert. We thus put a lot of effort into making our plants and processes more environmentally friendly. We do our utmost to remove hazardous materials from our production processes. We implement proactive measures and use equipment with lower energy consumption and reduced environmental impact. We have several prototypes in industrial settings in place that offer promising results in term of energy-savings.

A fast and flexible organization

Our engineering department is a truly global organization: a network of engineers and technicians in Belgium, China, India, Slovakia and Brazil designs, manufactures, installs and services the critical equipment for our production plants worldwide. This global cooperation assures a fast, flexible and cost efficient implementation of new or improved machinery and processes.

Engineering in a nutshell 

  • 4 pillars: design, assembly, start-up and maintenance.
  • Multidisciplinary team working across plants in Belgium, China, India, Slovakia and Brazil.
  • Fully integrated provider of turnkey plant solutions.
  • A clear focus on energy reduction & environmentally friendly efforts.


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