Our responsibility towards the environment - Bekaert Annual Report 2011

Our responsibility towards the environment

better together for a cleaner world is one of Bekaert's aspirations: we continuously strive to use fewer materials, bring down our energy consumption and reduce waste.

Bekaert develops products that contribute to a cleaner environment. We manufacture super and ultra-tensile steel cord, biodegradable wire coatings, sawing wire for solar energy and sintered metal fibers used in diesel particulate filters and much more.

At the same time, Bekaert also puts concern for the environment into practice by developing new, eco-friendlier production processes for our plants worldwide. In 2011, we launched the ‘New Environmental Technologies’ project in order to build up knowledge and expertise in environmental technologies to boost the environmental performance of plants worldwide.

Full worldwide ISO 14001 site certification: almost a fact!

In 2009, the Bekaert Group Executive decided that all consolidated plants would have to be ISO 14001-certified by year-end 2011. Taking stock of this, we can conclude that 93% of the sites have achieved this goal, with the exception of 5 plants that expect their certification in 2012.

Environmental Excellence audits

One of the tools we use to improve continuously is environmental technical auditing. In 2011, audits were carried out in the biggest plants worldwide to evaluate fluid flows and consumption, and to identify best practices that can improve performances in other plants too.

Bekaert plants certified

On 15 April 2011, the Bekaert Regional Headquarters Asia in Shanghai celebrated its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Golden Certification Award for the environmental friendliness and sustainable design of the new Bekaert offices in Shanghai.


Ideal Alambrec Bekaert, our Ecuadorian subsidiary, succeeded in certifying ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 in a single audit. The implementation of the integrated management system helped the company to identify points of improvement. The certificate obtained recognizes that Ideal Alambrec Bekaert takes client satisfaction, the occupational health and safety of their employees and care for the environment very seriously.

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