Our responsibility in the community and in the markets

better together in the communities where we are active

Bekaert strives to be a loyal, responsible partner within the communities where we operate. We make a point of interacting with local governments in a transparent, constructive way and we are firmly committed to complying with national legislation and collective labor agreements. Bekaert adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the treaties and recommendations of the International Labor Organization.

better together by embracing diversity

To retain worldwide leadership in our core competences, we attract competent and talented people in the various countries where we operate.

Our hiring policy is two-fold: firstly, our customers expect service from strong local teams; so we hire people who are wholly familiar with the conditions under which local businesses operate.

Secondly, we focus on diversity: we set up teams consisting of talent from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, encouraging them to share their knowledge, strengths, experiences and perspectives with each other.

better together with customers and suppliers

All over the world, it’s our approach to stay close to our customers: we have production facilities and sales offices in 36 countries. We seek out high-quality local suppliers to buy raw materials from. By doing so, we avoid long and unnecessary transports.

We never ignore the demands of tomorrow in the development of new products today, including: a sufficient supply of clean materials, increased mobility and materials with improved properties.

Our baseline better together sums up the unique cooperation between Bekaert and its business partners. We work closely with customers and suppliers by engaging in co-development projects, conducting feedback initiatives and satisfaction surveys and performing industry analysis.

At Bekaert, we deal openly and honestly with all business partners. We comply with generally accepted business standards, laws and regulations, and we conduct our operations in accordance with the principles of fair competition.

Market place related data

  • Our hiring policy states that every new employee receives a copy of our Code of Conduct which explains our anti-corruption policies and procedures. 
  • Rewards: In 2011, our Chief Purchasing Officer Philippe Armengaud was nominated for the CPO Award 2011. The nomination rewards the efforts of his team over the previous years to professionalize and better align Bekaert’s procurement activities with the business even further.
  • Hiring local plant managers: 66% of plant management is hired from the local community.
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