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Automotive Sector

In the automotive sector, we set ourselves apart by
consistently creating high-quality and innovative products
that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

This sector is the largest user of Bekaert products and
accounts for 35% of combined sales. We supply specialized
wire products that meet the highest quality standards.

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Steel wires and strands for overhead powerlines

     Energy & Utilities

Whether it concerns onshore or offshore oil extraction,
gas mining, power transmission, solar energy, or
even telecommunications, Bekaert products are
key contributors to sustainable, safer and more
cost-effective operations.

This sector counts for 20% of combined sales.

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By offering wire, mesh and fiber products in numerous
construction applications, we tirelessly seek out more
environment-friendly solutions with a focus on better
materials, greater safety and lower energy consumption,
all with an eye on cost-efficiency.

This sector accounts for 19% of combined sales.

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Concrete reinforcement


       Consumer Goods

As higher quality and comfort standards and
functionalities are required, the demand for
more advanced coated steel wire products
evolves accordingly. The wide range of applications
for Bekaert wire attest to our success in satisfying
diverse customer requirements. Bekaert is present
to meet their needs.

To sum it up: often unseen, but always there:
Bekaert is a part of the products we all use every day.
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Bekaert supplies heavy equipment makers and
operators with a range of specialized wire product
components. As we build our own proprietary machinery,
we know exactly what it means to make
high-performance equipment.

This allows Bekaert to focus on innovation and
manufacturers to focus on operational excellence.

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Across the agricultural sector, Bekaert provides
innovative solutions that make day-to-day work easier.

Through our global footprint and our mix of trading and
manufacturing, we can offer total packages to our customers.

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Basic Materials

Many Bekaert products are used in exploring and producing
raw materials, from coal and metals to pulp and paper,
to chemicals and textiles.

We make cable and wefts for conveyor belts that are used
across many industries. We continue to find new ways to
become a partner at every step of the value chain.

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Polymer filtration

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