Our responsibility towards society

Education projects form the backbone of funding and other community-building activities. Additionally, we support local activities and projects for social, cultural and economic development as well as for disaster relief.

Supporting educational and training initiatives

We believe that education and learning form the key to a sustainable future. Therefore, we support worldwide initiatives that focus on helping, through education and learning, the communities we are active in.

In China, Bekaert has built strong relationships with various institutes such as the Weihai Welfare Home for Children, the Xiyuan school in Weihai, De Shenyang Enlighten Kindergarten and the Bekaert Fraternity Primary School in Fengjie County (Chongqing).

In Peru, Bekaert helped to build a comprehensive development center in Los Rosales, Lima. The center is dedicated to educating youth in various skills of the building sector.

In Brazil, Bekaert continues to support long-term initiatives like ‘Citizens of Tomorrow’, a program through which employees and their families collect funds to help children and teenagers with social and educational needs.

Supporting social & community initiatives

With a global reach, we support community initiatives that work to improve societal conditions where we are active.

Some houses in Kutamekar Village (Indonesia) only have a dirt floor. Together with the local citizens, Bekaert colleagues helped to build a concrete floor using our Dramix® steel fibers.

Supporting quality of life does not stop at the work floor. Xander and Siebe, the two sons of a Belgian Bekaert employee have a rare metabolic disease, X-ALD, that attacks the brain. Their last hope for a cure is stem cell transplantation. The small chance of finding a match (only 1 out of 50 000), did not discourage us from organizing a blood donation at our plant in Zwevegem (Belgium) in cooperation with the Red Cross Flanders, who simultaneously searched on international blood banks. In July, two suitable matches for the boys were found.

Disaster relief

In May, the Joplin tornado struck Arkansas (US) unexpectedly, leaving behind serious devastation. The following week a crew from our plant in Rogers lent a helping hand. They removed trees and debris, installed temporary roofing and helped demolish houses that were beyond repair. In addition, Bekaert Rogers team members collected items that were needed by families that had lost everything.

The Bekaert team in Sardinia (Italy) collected money for the Japanese Red Cross to support victims of the March earthquake.

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